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Dear colleagues,
Were hereby inform you that all articles of the following monograph:

Nardi G., Whitmore D., Bardiani M., Birtele D., Mason F., Spada L. & Cerretti P. (eds), 2011. Biodiversity of Marganai and Montimannu (Sardinia). Research in the framework of the ICP Forests network. Conservazione Habitat Invertebrati, 5. Cierre Edizioni, Sommacampagna, Verona, 896 pp. + 1 map

are available as PDF (open access) files at the following address:

Best regards,

Gianluca Nardi

P.S. Most of the previous papers published by our Centre are open access at: http://www3.corpoforestale.it/flex/cm/pages/ServeBLOB.php/L/IT/IDPagina/1716

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